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Turquoise in Orange Beach is the best of the best from top to bottom on the Alabama Gulf Coast. From the developer of the Caribe, Turquoise Place condos have set the standard for luxury living along our beautiful white-sand beaches. These spacious units are all directly on the Gulf of Mexico and have private hot tubs and gas grills on each balcony. While visiting, you'll experience the smell of Summer cookouts wafting through the air as the sounds of mother nature pleasantly nip at your ears. Turquoise Place is a special destination where you never know who you'll see out by the pool. Our area is not a secret any longer as celebrities, athletes and other well knows can usually be found any given weekend basking in the Orange Beach, AL sun.

Turquoise Place in Orange Beach is 3 and 4 bedrooms starting at 2,300 square feet and going to almost 6,000 square feet. With amenities like tennis, lazy rivers and a spa being just the tip of the iceberg, it's easy to see why Turquoise Place condos are a great investment as a second home or a week's vacation. If you're looking for the perfect place to get away from commutes, traffic and deadlines for a week or longer, look no further......

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